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Look at...Esperanto

Look at Esperamto

Quiz Answers

The answers to the quiz on page 8 are available on the website www.esperantoeducation.com /kids.html .

The guide is provided free of charge to all who request it from the EAB www.esperantoeducation.com

ISBN: 1-904953-01-3. Published and copyright © 2004 Bessacarr Publications Ltd.

What is Esperanto? It is a language created over a hundred years ago and is spoken by millions of people worldwide. Known as the 'international language', Esperanto is intended as a second language for all. Using it will help you share ideas with people all over the world.

The Esperanto Association of Britain (EAB) approached us to produce a Look At Esperanto guide aimed at raising awareness of Esperanto for children. This is an example of where a Look At guide can stimulate further exploration of associated themes and underlying values associated with Esperanto.