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Look at Gilwell Park

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This Look at guide gives your a tour around Gilwell Park the "Home of Scouting" and includes a brief history. The guide is filled with beautiful colour illustrations and photographs.It captures the excitement of Gilwell's activities and history. Enjoyable questions entertain and stimulate, the answers are below.

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Answers to Questions

Question 1

The Duty Manager is written up on a notice board outside of of the office. At the time of publication (August 2006) the Activity Centre Manager was Andy Lanham.

Question 2

The clock tower and previous camp warden are know as Big Mac.

Question 3

May the 7th 1966.

Question 4

A Wolf.

Question 5

A copy of the resolution conferring the Honorary Freedom of the Borough of Chingford upon the Boy Scouts' Association. This was done in commemoration of the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953. The casket is made from wood grown at Gilwell Park and was presented by the Major to the Chief Scout, Lord Rowallen on the 4th June 1953.

Gilwell Park is at Chingford, Essex near London.

Question 6

This is a samovar and is used for boiling water. The key item to spot here is the tap at the front, very similar to a european tea urn. However only water is put into a samovar. Mainly a russian item, samovars are also used in Iran.

Question 7

When adult leaders complete their training they are awarded the "wood badge". The first Wood Badges were the beads from a necklace from a Zulu Chief Dinizulu, which B-P obtained in Zululand in 1888.

Question 8

This is part of a mangle used for squeezing out water from clothers. The rollers are missing.

Question 9

10, four on each upright and two at the top.

Question 10

Come sing and be Merry

Come sing and be Merry

Question 11

A canoeist

Question 12

"Skip" Edward James Gathercole

Question 13

1806, Recast 1950, Boy Scouts Camp Gilwell

Question 14

A lifejacket.

Question 15

Scout Badge

Question 16


Question 17

Multi-faith refers to all "faiths" that accept the spiritual side of human beings or the existence of a spiritual power greater than any human being. There are of Scouts of all faiths and even alternative wording for the Scout promise.

Question 18

... to do my duty to God. This suits most faiths but there are a number of acceptable variations to fit with an individuals faith such such as Allah (Islamic) or my Dhama (Buddhist) in place of God

Question 19

A Oak Tree

Question 20

Francis Gidney

Question 21


Question 22

Gilwell saw major expansion with additional fields being added in 1943 and 1945. The final area involved the purchase of Gilwellbury that gave access to the Branchet fields.

Question 23

The British squirrel is the smaller red squirrel.

Question 24

Olympia, London, about 20 miles from Gilwell. The 1st World Jamboree was held in 1920 at the Olympia Stadium. In 2007 the 21st World Jamboree is held at Chelmsford, Essex about 30 miles from Gilwell.

Question 25

Mexico in 1968 the year Mexico hosted the Olmpics.

Question 26

Rudyard Kipling

Question 27


Question 28

Canada (need to check)

Question 29

For adult leaders who give especially distinguised service for a period of no less than 20 years.

Question 30

Character, Health, Service, Handicrafts

Question 31

Green Roofs are a good to insulate a building in a natural way. This helps prevent the building getting too cold or too hot. They can also help to remove impurities from the rain water and air.

There is still a lot of research into the benefits of grass roofs. There are other ways of reducing energy such as turning down the heating a little or using plenty of conventional insulation.

Question 32

Scouting for Boys

Question 33

There are over 150 Countries with associations affiliated to the World Organisation of the Scout Movement. Many more countries are working towards affiliation.

Question 34

"I have gone home"

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