“Over 25 Years of interpreting the built and natural environments”

Our Publications

Your heritage is unique: our skill is in interpreting what you want, the way you want it to be understood. Our printed guides are clear and engaging for all ages and will make your visitors’ experience more enjoyable. They are particularly effective when used in conjunction
with our audio guides and interpretation panels.

  • places of worship
  • cities
  • towns and villages
  • museums
  • historic buildings
  • themes.

Classic Look At Guides

This series of over 350 classic guides covers heritage sites across Britain and beyond, including churches and cathedrals, towns and villages, museums, historic houses - and even an oil terminal! They are ideal walkaround companions, because their clear styling and illustrations enhance and inform the visitor experience at the time, rather than simply being a souvenir to take away. They are designed to stimulate interest in buildings, their contents, and the thinking or beliefs reflected in their construction. Examples: Look At Chatsworth House, Look At Eyam.

New Generation Look At guides

These have the same classic formula but are printed in full
colour, incorporating both photographs and illustrations.
Example Look At Gilwell Park.

Full Colour guides

These are often specially commissioned guides on specific themes such as a particular person, or event, featuring the same clear language and approach. Example: The German War Cemetery, St Brelade, Jersey. This format also appeals to the souvenir guides market.

In all cases we work closely with every client to research, write and design the best possible Look At guide for their educational and commercial needs.


Look At guides are used in five countries and have been translated into eight languages. They all feature clear styling, large print and eye-catching illustrations. These combine to make them really easy for visitors to use and enjoy as they explore.

Some of the common features which make the Look At series so successful are:

  • User-friendly, two-colour, A4 format guide
  • More than a souvenir - an interactive guide to enhance the visitor experience
  • Ideal walkaround companion for individual or group visitors
  • Strong illustrations, clear presentation and easy-read print
  • Interesting, informative, educational and fun - for all ages
  • History on a human scale - about people as well their buildings
  • Capture the essence of a place - not just its architecture
  • Well-researched and written
  • Open questions stimulate exploration and discussion
  • Available in English and other languages.